We are the world's first global project fueled by the carriers of a token represented by a living organism, and this organism consists of one bee, which will be equated to one APIZ token.

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Basis of the project

The project was calculated by those who have been involved in entrepreneurship, import-export issues, industrial production, the IT sector, marketing, security systems and even diplomacy all their lives.

Any business project has a chance of success only in case of maximum efficiency.

Creating an industrial apiary, we were faced with two factors that have been going side by side for more than a hundred years and are extremely opposite:

  • There is a bee. The bee is the most logical organism on this planet
  • We have the beekeeping sector that stagnated in its development about a century ago. It was then that the very first hive was designed, an asset used by 90% of beekeepers to this day.

We decided to create our own system based on the advanced achievements of mankind: industry, animal husbandry, the agricultural sector, IT Technologies, Blockchain.

Any business project has a chance of success only in case of maximum efficiency.

Our goal

We are creating a system for the production of hives, logistics, maintenance, security, telemetry and the provision of food base with minimal human impact on the bee.
Production transparency
Production transparency

For this purpose will be using a blockchain system that includes absolutely all data, such as volumes, geography, logistics, climate data, production cycles, quality control, and consumption database.

Honey is an essential product
Honey is an essential product

We are aware of the possibility of expanding honey consumption worldwide by 15-20 times, but production capacity is not prepared for such an increasing demand. We will also offer a solution to this problem.

Ditch sugar and replace it with honey
Ditch sugar and replace it with honey

Gradually quit sugar consumption in favor of honey and the maximum level of the price equalization of honey and sugar. This can put an end to the main problems of mankind: obesity and cardiovascular diseases.


The company’s main goal is to create a system of 1.000.000 hives. Based on an the fact that the average number of bees in a hive is 50.000 units, the total number of released tokens will be
Project viability

According to our calculations and based on today's economic model, the cost of one bee on the market is 0.01 dollars. Our entire economy will rely on these figures

Coin creation

At the moment of coin creation, they will all be frozen, and there will be strictly prescribed instructions in the smart contract on how to unfreeze them. It will be based entirely on the economic reporting of our company


Owners of more than 50000 coins gain the ability to stake coins to become the owner of a virtual hive. Investors will also receive an annual return of 7%

VR technologies

Owners of more than 2.500.000 tokens will receive the status of a virtual apiary owner, having the opportunity to inspect the apiary regularly. Also, such investors receive an annual profit of 10%


70% of the investments received through the sale of tokens are redirected to the beekeeping project development
Why beekeeping is a profitable business

Why beekeeping is a profitable business

Here we will write down the rationale for the constant growth in the value of the token, based on the development of the offline project. Today in beekeeping, based on the fact that the cost of one bee is 0.01 dollars, the profit from it during the year is about 0.017 dollars. These are the figures that make it possible to consider beekeeping a profitable business, but they are achieved by very primitive means.

Each process in our project undergoes a deep analysis in order to identify its maximum efficiency. Based on the current situation, we have already been able to achieve a result of 0.025 dollars per bee during the year.

Based on our calculations, after ten years, we will come to the figures of 0.15 dollars of profit from each bee during the year.


What is the meaning of the name of the project and why did you name it that way?

Project’s name comes from APIculture, which is a designation of beekeeping and everything related to this domain. Meanwhile Apizzz makes it more user-friendly for a digital world.

If the bees die, then the price of the token too?

Our team, like many people today, is concerned with the problem of bee extinction. Based on the most recent research and our beekeeping experience we are responsibly stating that the problem is not about the bees dying, but poor beekeeping and lack of technologies in the apiculture domain causing the honey bee population decline. Thanks to our experienced approach, we have successfully ensured the lowest level of bee extinction among our apiaries. With the time passing, we are going to practically exclude the impact of humans factor in beekeeping, therefore apiculture will become as native as it was centuries ago.

What's taking so long to start the sales?

We do not have any purpose of getting quick money from the investors. APIZ coin is a crypto project based on the existing offline business which is currently evolving steadily and consistently. The APIZ project is a satellite of a real business, which is intended to tell about the project worldwide, gaining the trust and motivating young people strongly engaged with crypto projects nowadays. Also, we would like to get feedback from valuable crypto advisers since the Blockchain technology is to be used in the process. We are very serious about the project and are going to set things accordingly. This is the reason for no rush.

Where can I find out more about your beekeeping business?

You can find all the info regarding our apiaries and production techniques at

How and where to buy an APIZ token?

At the present moment, we are just introducing everyone to our project. The sale will start in the first quarter of 2024

What are the guarantees?

Since the project is not a start-up, some enterprises are already making a profit, and the total investment in the project is more than 6.000.000 dollars. Thus with its value today standing at 25.000.000 dollars, we are ready to be a guarantor of the safety of your crypto project investments.


Based on the fact that the beekeeping cycle is one calendar year, and all funds received and invested in the industrial apiary project will be immediately used, they will be automatically frozen by the project in property, bees, technological solutions, or marketing projects. At the end of one full cycle from the moment of the investment infusion, finances can be set free by the project. So the funds can be freely disposed of again.


Thus, we guarantee our investors an ROI in our token of 110% within 18 months from the date of purchase, relying on its value at the time of acquisition. It is the unique connection between the crypto project and the project in the economy sector that allows us to secure your investments. That can be compared with the provision of currencies in the past with the state’s gold reserves, which practically excluded any possible force majeure that could lead to the loss of your finances.