Why are bees not threatened with extinction?

 A human can live without water for no more than four days, without food - no more than a month, and without bees, humankind will not last even four years. British scientists predicted the complete extinction of humanity four years after the extinction of bees, stressing that if the current trend of reducing bee colonies continues, this will happen as early as 2035. Well, let's try to find evidence to support such loud statements.

This theory is based on the statement of the greatest scientist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, who predicted the imminent death of people four years after the disappearance of bees. However, the Internet is full of headlines of articles claiming that this theory was simply attributed to the scientist. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prove or disprove this. So let's see if the bees, and then us, are actually threatened with extinction.

What do the experts say?

Bees are indeed the main pollinators, and without their participation, people will lose a third of all food. Our expert from Ukraine, Ivan Yukhno, who is currently working at an apiary in Andorra, explained the reason for such a dangerous environmental situation.

In agriculture, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers are heavily used to control pests and increase yields. This provokes an instant outbreak of bee death.

Ivan said a similar incident occurred in their apiary when the bees were taken to a rapeseed field treated with chemicals. It is important to remember that pesticides retain their toxic properties for a week after treatment. This fact must be taken into account when taking bees to the fields. Unfortunately, this information was not verified, which led to bees' death and colonies' weakening.

However, this is an experience from the past. Now, given these mistakes, the eco-friendly trend is gaining momentum. Toxic chemicals are being replaced everywhere with absolutely harmless organic preparations. This path will definitely ensure positive dynamics and stop the disappearance of bees.

Tim Tucker, the head of the Federation of American Beekeeping, also spoke on this topic and indicated that the threat no longer loomed over bees but commercial beekeeping. The workload and costs of commercial beekeepers have increased with the decline in bee populations. This problem mustn't affect progressive beekeepers who introduce modern technologies into their industry.

Therefore, the gloomy statements of environmentalists and journalists about the coming "bee apocalypse" can be considered nothing more than informational noise. Of course, one cannot deny the factors influencing the reduction of bee colonies, but there are ways to solve this problem.

Modern innovative solutions come to our aid in almost all areas, and beekeeping is no exception. We are introducing an innovative development that will radically change beekeeping on a global scale. The use of hive telemetry and the introduction of blockchain will solve most of the problems that beekeeping has faced for 200 years. Instead of obsolete wooden beehives, we have developed our own eco-beehives, which will be used in tandem with modern hardware solutions based on telemetry. This approach will solve the following tasks:

• Reduce the mortality of bees during the cold period. The hives are made of food-grade polystyrene, which helps increase thermal insulation by 300%.

• Reduce labor costs and reduce the burden on beekeepers. One beekeeper can serve two hundred hives thanks to our state-of-the-art remote monitoring system.


Bee is the most logical creature that does an excellent job organizing life. Therefore, due to modern solutions, we minimized the influence of the human factor in beekeeping and increased the level of efficiency of the life of bees.

Thanks to our software and hardware solutions specialists, we will be able to bring beekeeping to an industrial stage of development. The main objective of the APIZ project is not only to preserve beekeeping but also to increase the efficiency of the industry.

Ivan Yukhno, Ganea API beekeeping expert:

All statements about the extinction of bees are nothing more than informational noise. Problems of mass extinctions happen but are only local and one-time problems in most cases. Bees are living organisms. This happened before, but only now has it acquired the fact of a "terrible catastrophe" thanks to the Internet."