We know for sure how to improve beekeeping

We know for sure how to improve beekeeping

APIZ is exploring the effectiveness of a bee, intending to tokenize it in the nearest future.

Have you ever wondered if a single bee can be efficient as ten bees? Is it possible to milk a cow 10 times a day? Can one chicken lay 10 times more eggs? Is it possible to shear 10 times more wool from a sheep? I think your answer is no. But we assure you that it is quite possible. And our project will vividly illustrate that a 10-fold efficiency increase in the agricultural sector and animal husbandry field can be achieved shortly. Using the example of our apiary, we will prove that a single bee can bring 1000% more profit over 10 years. All this has only been possible thanks to the blockchain system integration into animal husbandry and agriculture. We shall let you consider this idea to prove our point. 

What is our idea based on?

The bee is the world's most logical organism, which has only been studied by 25%. These busy creatures are full of mysteries. We don't know exactly how a bee keeps finding out a flower several kilometers away from the hive and then transmits highly accurate data about its location to another bee. How do these tiny complex creatures weighing 100 mg are capable of producing honey from various raw materials (rich in vitamins and minerals), propolis (the most powerful natural immunostimulant), drone jelly (some hormones can turn a bee into a drone), royal jelly (consists of another set of hormones turning a bee into a queen bee) and the most potent natural poison.

Unfortunately, the development of beekeeping stopped around a century ago. So did the outdated beehives and the beekeeper's journal created over 100 years are used. The whole world continues to skyrocket, and the progress simply can't be stopped, but such stagnation can lead beekeeping to decline. Not to mention the fact that the effectiveness decreases considerably when a beekeeper has more than 30 hives.

We have combined the advanced capabilities and knowledge available today in our project. The result is a symbiosis of such key fields as industry, the agricultural sector, animal husbandry, IT technologies, and Blockchain. On this basis, we have created a unique approach for creating the world's first industrial-scale apiary.


Our goals and objectives

Since the bee is a self-sufficient unit, it can successfully adapt its vital activity with minimal human impact. A human can only provide a comfortable environment for it to ensure productive activity.

That's why we set ourselves the goal of creating a hive system, providing feed, logistics, security, and telemetry (a hive remote control system).

The following objectives are also important:

  1. Ensure full transparency of all bee products production processes based on blockchain technologies, such as all key data from volumes to consumption statistics.
  2. Increase the honey consumption ratio at the cost of enhancing productive capacity.
  3. Replace mass consumption of sugar with honey in the long run.



The APIZ project is based on a ten-year strategic plan, which implies the creation of an industrial apiary with 1 million hives. Have you heard about tokenization before? We are pioneers in a particular life-form tokenization, equal to one unique APIZ token. If we consider that there are 50 thousand bees in one hive, then the total number of released crypto coins will be 50 billion.

It is worth mentioning that our project guarantees the increase and security of your funds. The rationale is that the online business is a branch of our offline project. 70% of the funds directed into our token are invested in the beekeeping development, and the other 30% - in the development of blockchain-based crypto business. Nothing will affect our main beekeeping business even under any unforeseen circumstances (the fall of cryptocurrency). Investors won't suffer financial losses in any scenario, as they are guaranteed to get a profit of 10% of each coin's original value.

The token is growing in value due to the developing beekeeping. The market value of a bee is $0.01, and the annual profit is $0.017. These figures show that beekeeping is a fairly profitable business.

However, we are able to achieve a much more impressive result thanks to a unified approach and technologies. Right now, in our business, the annual profit from one bee is $0.025. Based on our calculations, in 10 years, we will reach $0.15.

Our project is the best way to connect the familiar and established world of beekeeping with innovative technologies and opportunities. It is a unique symbiosis of the crypto-world and a thriving business, which gives us firm guarantees of success and motivation to continue to invest and reap the rewards. APIZ is your guarantor of successful investment and prosperity.