The faces of the APIZ project – Igor Ganea

The faces of the APIZ project – Igor Ganea

APIZ is an innovative business project comprising the world's first industrial apiary where people with little to no experience in beekeeping could maintain the entire workflow of any given hive.

Behind every ambitious project, there's a team of like-minded individuals united by the same aspiring purpose – to revolutionize the world as we know it! The basis of the APIZ project was conceived by ingenious people from all walks of life – businessmen, industry experts, manufacturing specialists, IT whizzes, marketing wizards, security systems designers, and diplomats from international locations.

This time, we'd like our readers to meet the mastermind behind the concept – Igor Ganea.

Fifteen years ago, Igor Ganea was a 22-year-old man arriving in China with nothing but thousand dollars in his pocket. Today, he owns a group of companies operating within the agricultural sector, wine industry, restaurant business, crypto mining, and business relations with branch offices in over a dozen countries worldwide. His workforce consists of over 400 employees across several international locations.

With that said, he switched his focus almost entirely to apiculture intensification as, from his business standpoint, it was the most perspective domain deserving of more innovations.

Igor Ganea is an explorer and pioneer in beekeeping, and he's eager to share his amazing findings with the rest of the world in the most open and inviting manner feasible!