Dmitri Mosco, Software Architect: Beenalytics - telemetry available to everyone

Dmitri Mosco, Software Architect: Beenalytics - telemetry available to everyone

When "Ganea API" contacted "XAIRO" to solve such problems as control and the efficiency increase of beehives, several studies were conducted to find out about scientific developments already existing in this field and hardware-software solutions sold on the market.

The key finding of the scientific approach is that bees are fundamentally different from any other animals that people interact with. This means that it's possible to monitor their life cycle using current technical developments, but conducting analysis and drawing conclusions isn't as effective. There are several reasons for this:

  • The queen bee reproduces offspring from different "fathers";
  • The generation of bees within one hive changes every three-five weeks;
  • The sizes and colors, the behavior, and the buzzing of each generation can differ slightly or dramatically.

So we didn't stop there and decided to identify certain patterns that allow us to influence the efficiency and improve the quality of a bee's life cycle.

At the same time, having studied the offers available for hardware solutions, we faced the issues connected with a high cost, which significantly raises the price of the installation process and makes it impractical from an economic point of view. Besides, it's impossible, or nearly so, to use this equipment in the future without specialized engineering skills.

It's noteworthy that soon we're going to make the equipment cost as affordable as possible so that everyone who shares our love for beekeeping can purchase it.

Why can't we do it without telemetry?

Why should you buy something expensive if you could just use such already familiar age-old and budget things, like wooden beehives? The idea that our world is developing with seven-mile steps is familiar to everyone. Technologies are changing every day to help people in all fields of activity.

Another important fact is that without the reforms implemented in beekeeping, obtaining the productivity and results we strive for is impossible. And that means the usage of telemetry-based hardware solutions is essential. The life cycle remote control system perfectly copes with getting and transferring high-precision data, excluding possible human error.

Thanks to special sensors or communication devices, all specimens' vital indicators have been taken accurately. Both wired and wireless communication channels can be used. It all depends on the direct purpose. Telemetry is widely used in the oil industry, medicine, and agriculture.

Introducing telemetry in our industry will allow us to make a powerful breakthrough and bring beekeeping to a qualitatively new level. Thanks to this high-tech solution, we will significantly improve the bee life cycle and significantly reduce the labor costs of workers, as the automation process will maximize the number of hives served by a single apiary worker.

There is still a lot of work ahead. But we don't feel inclined to step away from it! After all, the best specialists work in our team, and also we have many like-minded people. Therefore, we will try to improve beekeeping together!

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