Apiz – new innovative approaches in beekeeping domain

Apiz – new innovative approaches in beekeeping domain

1st June 2022 is a remarkable date when «Apiz» together with «Xairo» has created the unique smart solution intended to increase beekeepers efficiency.

Can you believe that currently an apiary could be maintained and monitored remotely? Nowadays, in the XXI century, new smart technologies and solutions are invented to assist humans by simplifying the processes in almost all spheres. For example, the household chores now could be done more easily and faster.  This way, beekeeping is not the exception.  

The telemetry – jointly created by “Apiz” and “Xairo” has provided the beekeepers with the unique possibility to track apiaries activity and monitor the bees community processes remotely.

 This innovative approach allows us to correctly adjust the apiary maintenance and promptly react against possible honeybees’ diseases. If it happens that the bees are though infected, the appropriate treatment should be applied immediately. Please don’t forget that honeybees could be already infected at the moment of purchase. Thus, it is vitally important to detect the infection as early as possible, consequently preventing its spreading out.  

To minimize unfavorable consequences, it is strongly recommended to focus maximum attention on disease prevention. To achieve this beekeeper should keep some strong healthy honeybee families in apiaries, keep the hives clean, timely replace the old queen bees and closely monitor the bees' behavioral patterns.

The process of apiary maintenance is getting more complicated when there are more than 30 hives. This is the moment when the innovative approaches based on new technologies in agriculture, animal husbandry, and the IT sphere, make perfect sense and assist beekeepers in their daily activities.  Telemetry is the unique innovative solution that allows reducing human interaction in the beekeeping processes, consequently facilitating, and speeding up the process.

Furthermore, the bee is an independent creature capable of successfully managing the entire life activity process.  The human interaction here is to ensure the necessary conditions, appropriate feed source, and regular maintenance.

 As a result of “Xairo” and “Apiz” collaboration, together with telemetry was invented a new smart technology related to hives production. There is no doubt that the project of the world’s innovative industrial apiary creation with the entire cycle is truly unprecedented!


Mission of the APIZ company:

APIZ  is the world's first project aimed at the process of tokenization of such particular life-form as bee is and consequent encapsulation of value in tradeable units equal to one “APIZ” token.