A 30-day international journey to popularize honey consumption

A 30-day international journey to popularize honey consumption

APIZ is excited to share the news of some truly epic proportions! The visionary behind the project, the businessman mastermind Igor Ganea, has set out on a 30-day journey to 5 different countries in different corners of the planet to instill a culture of honey eating in modern society.

Why is it so important?

Some countries value honey and its amazing properties more than others. And for good reasons! Honey is a truly unique product capable of maintaining its magical properties under the most severe conditions. It’s filled with nutrients that can fully satisfy one’s body. Furthermore, a honey diet is a fitness concept that has the potential to help people from all walks of life slim down and improve their well-being in all the right ways.

Igor Ganea is well-aware of these notable findings. His business revolves around multiple apiaries he keeps in 4 different countries – Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, and Kyrgyzstan. His vision is crystal clear – honey is not only a fantastic addition to certain meals – it has all the chances to replace sugar and promote a healthy lifestyle for millions of people worldwide.

The businessman is setting an example on his own throughout his month-long journey. His diet will comprise solely honey and nothing more. Of course, during the course of this incredible experiment, Mr. Ganea will be monitored by a professional nutritionist, and any conclusions the investigation will bring will be backed up by actual lab tests.

Media coverage

Igor will be accompanied by a film crew that will capture the essence of his efforts and use the collected material to leverage a detailed and highly-entertaining report on Igor’s journey.

So what is the reason that made Igor Ganea and his crew venture through five international locations in the first place? Every country was meticulously selected to help the viewers dive headfirst into how different cultures perceive beekeeping and honey extraction. It’s not just about the honey itself, but about the people and their traditions that unite beekeepers worldwide.

Breathtaking locations

The five different countries will include:

  1. Ethiopia. Here, Igor will meet two separate tribes in the Jinka region and two more in the Turmi region. With the help of a local guide, the team will travel from area to area, explore some of the most breathtaking places in Ethiopia and collect honey together with the locals.
  2. Spain. Here, our protagonist plans to switch focus to a much more modernized beekeeping industry. To do that, he’ll meet some of the local entrepreneurs who will be happy to share their production secrets with the crew.
  3. Moldova. The most exciting part of the journey will capture the essence of the bees’ nighttime activities. The viewers will savor some of the most peculiar and challenging things in beekeeping and meet the local experts ready to embark on yet another beekeeping season.
  4. Kyrgyzstan. Igor and his crew will travel the country from north to south, meet the local beekeepers, and have an enlightening chat with a Mullah (Islamic jurist) who’ll play a major role in exploring their findings.
  5. Indonesia. Last but not least – the journey into this country will include Jakarta, the Bromo National Park, and even the Brom volcano. It is there that the mountain beekeepers keep their apiaries extracting the honey in the most unorthodox and peculiar ways.

More to come

Thus, Igor’s epic journey will not only help more people learn about the benefits of honey but also help the viewers understand foreign cultures, explore beekeeping secrets and techniques, and awe in wonder witnessing some of the most picturesque places on the planet!

Stay tuned for more updates!